At Credit Life Plus, our number one goal is to provide our clients “The roadmap to financial relief.”  Knowledge of the credit process is of the upmost importance to clearing and maintaining financial freedom.  Everyone can improve their credit score!

What We Do

At Credit Life Plus we work with each client and thoroughly provide detailed explanations on what credit is, how it works and how to improve their credit…no matter what the situation is!   Being educated is primary.

The staff at Credit Life Plus provide the education and tools for a client to clean and maintain their credit. We help you counter- claim the alleged debt that has been acquiesced on to you. Once a client learns how credit works and the importance of it, not only will they become more financially independent, but they will also learn that having good credit can save them thousands of dollars and earn thousands of dollars.

Through our strong ethics and professionalism, we are determined to fully educate our clients to insure their financial freedom!

What makes Credit Life Plus stand out?

We are not a credit repair company.  We are a Credit Education program that will Clean your collections, debts and reports!

  • We will analyze your credit reports
  • We will determine steps you need to take and the cost.
  • We will analyze the core of your problem and the formula

Our company of experts believes that we can make a difference in your life. We understand that a credit score is not just a number; it's a lifestyle. Hover on some of our customer's below to learn why they chose CreditLife Plus.

Our Strengths are…

  • Helping you vacate judgements
  • Mortgage foreclosures
  • Removing Alleged Unpaid Student Loans & Alleged Debts.