Identifying the problem

Do you have bad credit score/report?  Collection Problems? Credit Problems?  Student loan debt? Judgements? Foreclosure?

 Credit Life Plus Values Freedom!



  • You entered into a contract! Now you have a third-party debt collector trying to collect a debt!
  • You tried disputing this collection account the conventional way, but its still in your credit report, or it came off your credit report and now its back on!
  • You are applying for new credit, auto loan, mortgage, rent an apartment a job and so on but keep getting declined!
  • You’re paying high interest rates on your credit cards and loans!

The Time Is Now

We are Credit Life Plus!   Our team goes above and beyond what most of other credit repair companies do.  Other companies write dispute letters and have soft disputes like overdue paid collection accounts and inquiries removed for a few months, only to have the adverse information reappear therefore, you are charged a monthly fee so over time they will go back and do the same action over and over, costing you thousands of dollars a year. There is no end to their monthly fees.  .


Let's Make Your Credit Great Again

However, at Credit Life Plus we have a system to remove negative entries once!  Therefore, we can help with any credit problem you have, like collections, unpaid student loans, judgements and foreclosures…these are a specialty at Credit Life Plus!

Next Steps...

Your next best move is to contact us by filling out our FREE CONSULTATION form  or call us at 973 589-5001